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Monday, May 14th 2018, 8:00pm

RTA changes


When? On 21 May 2018 (barring unforeseen circumstances but not later than 24 May).


- due to GDPR, we need to adjust the rules and regulation, the game and the forum to the new law

Additional changes:
- as we are planning to release the app this year, which means that we'll need to support Google payments (play store) and we'll probably expand to new markets, we've decided to add some points that make it clear what premium payments are

If you have any doubts or comments, feel free to tell us.

Best regards,

Here's a list of changes:

V. Payments, donations and buying digital services.
1. Unless the local law states otherwise, every payment, especially for premium services is a voluntary donation. Due to this, you are not entitled to any benefits and you acquire no rights or claims.
By making the payment, you confirm that you are aware that it is a voluntary donation.
2. If section 1 is not applicable, the following regulations are in effect:
By buying premium services (especially: premium account, premium services, premium content), I am aware that these services are delivered and activated immediately after the payment.
This means I have no right to withdraw from the sale agreement.
By continuing the process of purchasing, I am aware that I waive the right to withdraw from the sale agreement.

V. More information on data protection can be found in our /link/Privacy Policy/link/.

§11 Procedure of complaints.
I. Pre-complaint procedure.
Before filing a complaint, users are obliged to use every available method of settling the dispute by conciliation. This means, for example, contacting the Operator or Superoperator through the game forums by private messages or by creating a thread in the complaints section.
If the complaint is related to any payments, users are obliged to use every available method of settling the dispute by conciliation through filling the contact form available in the Premium Account tab in the game.
If the complaint is related to the reasons and duration of a ban in the game, information about the appropriate forum thread for posting explanation will be displayed on the logging screen.
If there are issues or technical difficulties with the service, they can be reported in the Bugs section of the forum.
II. Complaints procedure.
Complaints may be filed in writing to the address of the company or at the following email address:
Every complaint should include details sufficient for identifying the player account: game name, server number, character id, character name.
Every complaint should also explain in a clear manner the reason for the complaint and, if possible, include links to the messages/threads or other information about the outcome of the pre-complaint procedure.

All complaints will be responded to within 30 working days.

III. BW Team has tested the service on the configuration mentioned in §9 Technical requirements and done all they could to make the service compatible with the configuration.
BW Team does not guarantee compatibility of the service with hardware and software not mentioned in §9 Technical requirements.
BW Team has no technical capabilities of checking why the service does not work on a user's device (which is often the result of using or not using antivirus software, invalid configuration or malicious software), but can only ascertain whether the service works correctly on a given software (in accordance with §9 Technical requirements).
If data from third-party sources needs to be obtained, the complaint deadline may be extended by the time needed to obtain it.
BW Team reserves the right not to reply to questions/complaints which are answered in the thread "FAQ - frequently asked questions" on the forum.

§14 Exceptions: Hardcore Servers.
1. Hardcore servers are paid servers. This means that premium is required to play. Hardcore servers have the word "Hardcore" in their name.

2. By registering on a hardcore server, users confirm that they are aware that if they break the RTA, the administration has the right to ban them temporarily or permanently without refunding premium.

3. On hardcore servers, the following sections of this RTA are not in effect:
a. section 4 subsections VIII, VIIIa, VIIIb, VIIIc
b. section 4 subsections IX and X.

§16 Company details.
K2M Doradztwo Inwestycyjne, Maciej Prasal

Located in: 93-519 Łódź, ul. Sokola 6/29, Poland

NIP: PL 729-203-03-87

REGON: 473243680

Entered in the registry of enterprises in: Łódź - Górna Disctrict under II RHU 64111-55131/2004



Contact number for sms premium: +48XXX How much you will be charged depends on your mobile operator. (The number will be provided once the rules go live.)


Monday, May 14th 2018, 8:00pm

Privacy policy and data protection statement ("Policy")

I. General information

K2M Doradztwo Inwestycyjne, Maciej Prasal (hereafter referred to as K2M or BWTeam) located at 93-519 Łódź, ul. Sokola 6/29, NIP: PL 729-203-03-87, REGON: 473243680, entered in the registry of enterprises in: Łódź - Górna Disctrict under II RHU 64111-55131/2004 is the owner and administration of this service and services in the domains:,,,,,,,, (hereafter referred to as “Services”).

The present document defines the scope and rules of user data collection and processing, including personal data, in all BWTeam services, forums and online games.
The present document defines only the scope and rules of personal data protection used by BWTeam. BWTeam websites may contain links to third-party services or websites. If you use them, you are bound by the personal data protection rules of the third-parties. BWTeam does not check or approve personal data protection conditions of third-parties.

BWTeam endeavours to process as little personal data as possible and to protect it as best as we can.

Personal data managed by BWTeam is stored and processed in such a way as to make it impossible for unauthorized persons to access it.

The collection of personal data managed and processed by BWTeam has been reported by BWTeam to the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data.

II. Supervisory authority.
The supervisory authority is the Inspector General for the Protection of Personal Data.
More information can be found here:

III. Google Analytics
Our service uses Google Analytics ("GA") managed by Google Inc. ("Google"), which is an online service for researching and analysing the statistics of websites. GA uses cookies, meaning anonymous text files, that contain information about your browser and the way you use it. The information is usually sent to Google's servers in the USA and stored there in an anonymized form. Your IP is anonymized (save in exceptional cases) before being sent to Google's servers. More information can be found here:
Upon our requests, Google creates for us activity reports for our websites and provides other services related to website usage.
The IP acquired through GA is not connected with any other data.
If you want, you can install a free browser plugin that will make it impossible to process your data by GA. It's available here:
You can also block cookies in the browser. WARNING! This will make you unable to use our service.

IV. Cookies.
Cookies are anonymous text files that contain information about your browser and the way you use it. They allow for, e.g.:
- storing user settings (so that they are enabled by default during subsequent visits)
- monitor traffic in the service
- ensure safety
- monitor user behaviour and detect cheating

BWTeam uses our own cookies independent of those used by GA.
Our cookies have a short expiration date and are then deleted from your computer. This lets us store your personal settings for some time, until the service is visited again.
What you can do if you do not want cookies to be stored on your computer:
You can block cookies in browser settings, but this will make you unable to use the service at all or in a restricted way, without the data.
You can also delete cookies (automatically too) after you visit our websites. This will delete all your personalized settings, so they will not be available during your next visit.
If you want to use the methods described above, please follow instructions provided by the producer of your browser.

V. Data types and method of data processing.

Data processed in the service that may sometimes be personal data:
E-mail address
The data is processed in order to fulfil the contract with the user.
In the case of email, it may also be used, with the permission of the user, for sending occasional information about important changes or event in our services.

Personal data:
First name
Last name
Telephone number
Bank account number
The data above is processed within our information system. We have access to some or all of it as part of fulfilling the contract with users when processing payments. The data is available in the computerised system of the partner (e.g. the bank, the payment intermediary, etc.) servicing the payment and is automatically anonymized (replaced with an anonymous identifier) when entered into our information system.
In exceptional cases, the data can be saved and stored in relation to fulfilling the requirements of the law.
Some persons in our company have access to this data in relation to fulfilling tasks resulting from the requirements of the law.
For example, bank statements, on the basis of which we pay our taxes, are documents that we are required by law to store.
After the storage time required by law is over, the documents are destroyed directly by BWTeam or a specialized third-party company.

VI. Processing by third-parties. Transferring to third-parties.
We do not sell your personal data to third-parties.
Your data may be transferred to third-parties as part of fulfilling the contract with you. This takes place only when it is necessary for fulfilling the contract. This means, among others: payment services (the post, banks, PayPal, PayU, other companies and financial institutions), telecom operators, ISPs, etc.
Your data may be transferred to third-parties that provide for us statistical and marketing services, or other services with the goal of shaping and expanding the offer. We transfer only as much data as is necessary for the service. The contractor is then obliged to follow GDPR ( and our Policy. Your data will be deleted as soon as the contractor finishes performing the service.
Your data or access to it can be given to subcontractors, especially information companies in order for them to fulfil their assigned tasks. In such cases, we transfer or share only as much data as is necessary. The contractor is then obliged to follow GDPR ( and our Policy. Your data will be deleted as soon as the contractor finishes performing the service.
Your data may be transferred to Google Analytics. More information on this can be found in section II of this Policy.
Your data may be transferred to government institutions if required by law or the court.
If the service is sold in full or in part, personal data of the registered users is usually transferred. In such cases, the buyer is obliged to follow GDPR ( and our Policy.

VII. The right to check, change and delete your personal data.
If you have any questions about data protection, you can email us at
Every user has the right to check their personal data processed by us and get a single free copy of it. We will charge you for subsequent copies. The charge amount will be determined on a case by case basis, depending on the amount of work required to prepare the data.
BWTeam endeavours to anonymize users and collect as little personal data as possible. Due to this, if a person wants a list of their processed data, they need to appear in person in a place chosen by BWTeam together with a document that will confirm their identity.

Although data processing is done by consent, every user has the right to change or delete their personal data.
BWTeam has the right to refuse to remove personal data if: it is required for fulfilling the contract, for fulfilling the requirements of the law (e.g. accounting), when the user has violated the law and the data may be needed to clarify or determine the liability of the user, when the deletion of the data would make it difficult or impossible to: establish, pursue or defend claims.

VIII. Right to file complaints
Every user has the right to file a complaint to the supervisory authority. The contact details of the supervisory authority can be found in section II of this Policy.

IX. Precautions employed

All personal data collected from Customers is sent to the system using a safe SSL protocol encrypted using a 256 bit key.
All information about Customers is stored on BWTeam servers and protected from unauthorised access. The only persons authorized to access and process the data are the employees and associates trained appropriately by BWTeam, the owner of the Service.
We process the information we collect about you in accordance with Polish data protection laws. All employees are obliged to keep the data secret and follow data protection regulations, they are also instructed in this regard. In the case of payment procedures (e.g. for premium accounts), your data is transferred in encrypted form using the SSL protocol. Our SSL transmission system is certified by ltd., llc. and (Internet Security Research Group (ISRG)).

X. Age
The minimum age to use our services is 16 years old. Younger persons will need a permission from their parent or guardian.

XI. Changes to Privacy Policy
BWTeam reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any moment. The current Privacy Policy is available on the websites of the Service.


Monday, May 14th 2018, 8:00pm

Other requirements and optional statements:

Check box: (Required) I am 16 years old or older or I have obtained a permission from my parent or guardian.

Check box: (Required) Our game uses cookies. More information can be found in our privacy policy /link/ or at this link.
Link content:

Cookies are files placed on the user's computer to:
- identify the device - in order to increase safety and prevent cheating
- save settings - to make using the service more comfortable.
Users can delete cookies at any time, but:
- they are necessary for the service to work properly
- deleting cookies while using the service will log out the user
- deleting cookies after logging out of the service will delete all saved settings, so they'll have to be set again after logging back in

Cookies are completely anonymous. They let us determine if the anonymous user has used a given browser before and save their settings.

More information on data protection can be found in our <link>privacy policy.</link>

Check box. (Required) I confirm that I have read and accept Privacy Policy.

Check box. (Required) I confirm that the email I use does not include my or anyone else's personal data or, if this is not the case, I agree to change it as soon as I am logged in to a different email that does not contain personal data.

<i> More information can be found here /link to the below information/</i>
Since GDPR is now in effect across the EU, it is forbidden to use personal data in email addresses, e.g.:
- first name
- last name
- company name
- initials
- other personal data
If your email contains data that <b>may</b> be interpreted as personal data (e.g., you confirm the following by accepting this point:
I hereby confirm that the email address used by me does not contain my or anyone else's personal data.

<i> After you accept these changes, you'll be given 24 hours to change your email free of charge.</i>

Check box. (Optional) I consent to sending marketing materials to my email address. (+5 days of premium on each account that gives this consent. This is a one-time bonus).*
* We usually send 3-4 emails yearly with the most important information about changes and events in the game.

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