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Sunday, December 17th 2017, 5:51pm

Content patch - what's coming in the upcoming patch?

Hello players,

The release date of the next content patch is slowly approaching. Here you can see what changes are coming.

Content patch

Due to the fact that we were in a hurry to make the patch ready for Christmas, it will be marked as Beta. If you have any comments about the balance, please share them with us here.

New stat – Resilience
With this new stat, you will be able to counter the omnipresent defence-ignoring effects. It will be given to the strongest armours, trousers, defensive affixes and, of course, monsters whose defence should be their biggest strength.
The stat will be mostly found on epics.

The last three opponents from the second expedition map
Zepar, Malphas, Hastur.
These will be the most powerful and difficult demons ever encountered in BW. Their mechanics are tuned in such a way that you will need the might of your whole clan combined with the most powerful server events to take them down and it will still be extremely difficult.
Their design is based on Chronos from the first map, who remained undefeated for a very long time.

Evolutions level 5
We are aware that many of you have completed your evolution trees. That is why we are introducing a new level of evolutions. It will also allow you to activate a FIFTH rune in talismans.

Armoury archives
A new tab in the armoury will allow you to see and manage all your items.
You will need premium to activate it.
The cost is 20 days of premium for 3 days of the service.

4 new events related to the effects of Talismans... or lack thereof
Some will activate all racial Talismans, others will activate non-racial ones. Some will even disable Talismans altogether!

Call of Blood
- racial talismans work without runes and are maxed out

Night of Power
- non-racial talisms work without runes and are maxed out

In the Dark
- racial talismans don't work

Water and Blood
- non-racial talismans don't work

So, when will this happen?
We hope to implement the patch on 20.12.2017, we're still working on it. We'd like to polish it as much as we can.

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